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Is NYSC scheme still making any sense?

By Abiola A.A


Well, I gotta write this but before I get to it, let me say this… My heart goes out to the families of every Nigerian youth who has died while ‘serving’ our beloved country. My heart also goes out to all the Corp members who are currently serving the country in the rain and under the sun, literally. I would love to extend the pleasantries a bit longer but my current temperament makes me want to get straight to the point and my point is we live in a very WEIRD country.

I supported Buhari’s journey to Aso Rock and I still support his administration 100%, so no one should jump into conclusion that this is some political bullshit. Let me also state for the record that I am presently serving my country as a secondary school teacher in Ado-Ekiti.

I always hated the idea of NYSC, I was never able to understand why the government has to take a year of my life after all the years OAU took from me. It never made any sense till I was mobilized and then it became very clear; NYSC is the greatest example of our leaders’ ignorance and foolishness. I have to use those two words and I mean every disrespect.

I can understand why NYSC was created, as a matter of fact, I respect the idea behind it but if we were in a sane country with leaders you can attach the word ‘sanity’ to, NYSC would have been scrapped decades ago. I can list a thousand reasons why NYSC is unreasonable and unnecessary and I will.

I have some quick fun points. I will use myself as a reference because I am Abiola AA and because I am Abiola AA. I was posted to Borno, went to camp in Nasarawa for obvious reasons. I was redeployed to Ekiti and like a good Nigerian that I am, I have been fairly dedicated to the scheme. I even got an apartment in Ado-Ekiti and I rarely travel out of this dead town.

I could be doing a whole lot more with my life right now but the government is in the way of my progress. I go to work every day and at my work place, very few people have a commitment to common sense, that means I try every day to coexist with people with below average intelligence. These people don’t pay me a dime, which means I have just the unbelievable 19800 allowance to survive on. (Though I have other sources of income).

The man in charge of corpers at my workplace is an old man with an acute case of amnesia. He says something on Monday morning and says another thing on Monday morning, yeah, same damn morning. Most of the teachers there are miles away from qualified, the students have no respect for the idea of education but that’s not the point of this article.

Let’s leave my workplace and talk about corpers’ safety in this town. There are thieves everywhere ready to attack you because they are so gullible to think you have money as a corper. Mr Fayose is the Governor, so alot of things don’t surprise me here. Don’t quote me.

I have been taken away from my friends, my siblings and my mummy who spoils me with everything, I am being forced to serve a country that’s done absolutely nothing for me and I am being paid 19800 naira for it. An amount of money that doesn’t fuel my generator in a month.

This is not about me, corpers out there have stories to tell. A girl died in Kano and it’s sad but hundreds of corpers have died already and we didn’t hear about them. All these deaths are painful but let’s not wait till people die before we say something, NYSC is just wrong, stupid, unnecessary, a complete waste of time and we must continue to condemn the idea. In less than two weeks, we will all forget about this dead girl and the outrage will fade and that’s not okay.

Here is my resolution and I know it means nothing and not alot of people will see it or even care about it but I am still gonn put it out there anyway. I understand that NYSC can’t be scrapped because of the thousands of workers who will lose their jobs, so make the damn thing optional. Give us the choice, let’s decide our own faith you bastards. Your children are not serving and those who are are posted to comfortable places.

I want to write more but we all know this is just one of those articles that will not make any difference but I enjoyed writing it, that’s what matters to me because I am Abiola AA. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. God bless General Muhammadu Buhari.



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