Nigerian teen develops solar powered mower, blending machine and alarm footmat

By Lukmon Fasasi

18yr old Nigerian boy develops self – made solar powered mower…
– Solar Powered  blending machine…
– Invents  alarm footmat.
Oluwatobi Ayanwoye, 18yr old Nigerian secondary school student from Ogbomoso, has made a bold move in his life, as he recorded three major invention to his credit.
Ayanwoye, a student of the Federal Government College Ogbomoso FGCO in SS3, despite the handicap educational system in Nigeria, was able to develop a solar powered mower, a solar powered blending machine and an amazing alarm footmat .
The solar powered mower is a great tool and a recurring costs saver for farmers, as it tends to beat down the cost implication of maintaining the traditional mower system.
Unlike the traditional mower system, which used diesel power, the solar powered mower generates its power from the shining sun.
Also, invention credited to Ayanwoye’s name is a solar powered blending machine. This also generate its power from the sun.
The amazing alarm footmat sends signal to house occupants once visitors or possible intruders step on it.
Ayanwoye, in his head-to-head chat with Nigerian journalist Lukmon Fasasi, shared his inspiration.
“Innovation is my motivation, that’s why I’m called “Atra the Innovator”, I just want to do things differently.
He also shared his passion for renewable energy :
” I’m passionate about renewable and clean energy because it is the future.”
Through his amazing works Ayanwoye, was a speaker at the only TEDx conference held in Oyo State in 2016



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