Eze deceived me

By Rubenkells

The man I know now is different from the man I used to know, I thought to myself as I scratch my head. I doubled up, half running half walking as I hurry to my house. Mr eze is a dead man.

Ten years ago, I met a man with five daughters, I wanted them all. When I say wanted, I meant they shall all answer to my bidding. I was a man of many means and I was happy to show it off to anyone who paid attention. Eight years ago, I got married to the youngest daughter, at the time she just clocked twenty one. Mr Eze’s last born was named Oluchi. Oluchi was neither the prettiest nor the smartest of her sisters but something about her called to me. It was like a divine revelation written in stone by the ancestors. As a smart man, I listened to the words of our forefathers, in other words she qwas naive and easy and i jumped at the opportunity. Seven years ago, Ada was almost thirty three, she came to me herself, being a generous man I accepted her with open arms. Desperation was my area of expertise, I studied it in the university. Two down, three more to go I thought to my self. Two women in three years is called progress. I was progressing I could feel it.

Five years ago, Oluchi and Ada were getting too comfortable. The squables reduced to whispers and the whispers to complete silence. I needed a plan as soon as possible the rest of the daughters were ripe for the taking. I could smell them when they walked by my house grinning and eyeing my spectacle of a house with undiluted envy. I was hungry, I am a hungry man. Oluchi and Ada have been moved downstairs. They are free to be friends away from my sight. They came up ocassionally to display their assets and I scored them according to my liking and palmwine intake. I started to visit Mr Eze four times a week for reason as little as replacing the toilet paper in their bathrooms. I was beginning to reek of desperation. I would spend hours ironing my shirt myself and polishing my shoes several times. I even spent more time in front of the mirrors.

Four years ago I finally spoke to the third daughter Ebere, she was slim tall and dark compared to her younger sister Amaka, who was fleshy, fair as a bright summer morning and buttilicious. Amaka was what I needed but for now, Ebere would do. I wrote love letters like a teenager madly inlove. With every new word I created, I giggled to myself. I was back in the game. Ebere began to fall for my charms she dumped her boyfriend that was half my age and she came to daddy (me). Three down two more to go. Three years ago I had 3wives, I wanted more.

Two years ago, Amaka is still out of my reach. I see her moving with men younger than I am. I dare not say they are better looking. No one dares say it. I focused on Joy the second daughter, she was still not married. The gods must be on my side. I hear them speak to me in soft voices telling me I am on the right track. I listen. As I courted Joy I eyed Amaka. Joy was as her name stated. She was a temporary distraction but only a miracle could have kept me from Amaka and her dangerous backside. It brought me to tears. Joy cooked well, I thought of Amaka. Joy sang songs with her beautiful voice and I thought of Amaka. Joy smiled at me and I thought of Amaka. Joy became my wife shortly after. Four down, one more to go. My happiness is almost here.

Three months ago, someone told me Amaka was getting married. It couldn’t be, Amaka belonged to me. The God have blessed our union. Mr Eze assured me it wasn’t true. Mr Eze was not to be trusted. I am going to buy Amaka a car and a house and many clothes. Amaka will follow me. She simply has to. Two months have passed, Amaka has still not followed me. I have neglected my four wives and moved them all to the boys quarter. Amaka is set to be married in a month I yelled at Mr Eze as I trembled from head to feet. Mr Eze reassured me it was not happening.

Amaka’s wedding is holding at the moment. How did this happen. Where did my plans go wrong. Where did my plans go wrong. What does the man have that I dont. I took my cap off unceremoniously as I was sweating profusely. Mr Eze has deceived me.



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