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Let’s talk about Donald Trump, the next US president

By Victor Tolu Taiwo


The common saying that ‘you can’t teach a new trick to an old dog’ does apply to the new president-elect of the United States of America Donald Trump. I do not think that the Mr. Trump we saw on the campaign trail will be different from the President elect trump or the president of the USA. I don’t think so.

As a person who has read over five of Mr. Trumps books, watched most of his interviews and the popular TV series “The Apprentice “and who follow virtually most of his deals (basically because of his business feat).I wasn’t surprised at what happened during the just concluded US campaign and I am sure those who knew him before the election would not be too. However, I was surprised at the aftermath of the election, what I never envisioned was him winning, even though I knew he stood the chance of winning.

Mr. Trump’s life and career has always thrived on elements like controversies, scandal and lots of litigation. His quest for control and grip hasn’t made him take his company public as control is one of his core principle tools. Another amazing but intriguing thing about Mr. Trump is his reliance on his gut and ability to make decisions at a go without following any laid down bureaucracy , system or structure  and this make him more pragmatic as a person and less ideological.

The beautiful part of this is he knows how to maneuver and manage his controversies to achieve his goals using his two major tools which is: being an outspoken personality and possessing a confident demeanor. Mr. Trump knows how to generate and create excitements around the smallest of his real estate project giving it a larger than life feel. I doubt if there is a real estate developer that uses the press as this Manhattan billionaire does.

Despite the aforementioned attributes, Trump has good results to show for most of his actions and moves as a real estate developer, entertainer and now as a politician. Either we like him or not, he is one of the definitions of American success story. He will always win once he believes in a course. And I actually see him fighting for the course of putting the American native first even though it might hurt the reputation of the USA as the leader of the free world country.

Now the question is that, is there going to be duplication of what happened during the  campaign trail in his presidency? Yes. There will be,in fact we should expect some scandals and lots of more controversial issues. Is he going to deliver is campaign promises. I think YES

One thing that can’t be said about Mr. Trump is that “He doesn’t get work down” he does get the job down, only that his execution might be chronic and ruthful. In the words of Theodore Bagwell in the award winning TV series “Prison Break”. We’re captives of our own identities living in the prisons of our own creation, we’re who we are. .Mr. Trump has been living his life in a patterned way for the past 70years and we don’t expect it to change in the next four years or probably in the next eight. The American people have chosen, though it might not reflect the wishes of the popular voters but that’s democracy. I also believe the America has solid institutions that check and balance Mr. Trump’s excesses.

Come to think of it, life can’t be more fulfilled for a 70 year old billionaire than becoming the presidentof the US. And there is one thing I like about this Manhattan billionaire.  He doesn’t just think, he thinks BIG. My favorite of is book is still “THE ART OF DEAL”.



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