“My Super Sweet 16”: MTV’s Hit Show is making a Comeback

By Oyamag

Cable network, MTV is reviving its former popular TV series, ‘My Super Sweet 16’.

The series featuring uber wealthy 16 year olds getting exactly what they asked mommy and daddy for, all while wearing over-the-top outfits, is making a comeback.

“MTV is currently dealing with a bit of a lineup transition. Scripted original Awkwardended last spring, and Teen Wolf is ending on the network very soon, after it hits its 100th episode milestone. It’s likely that the cable channel wants some more originals in its lineup that are recognizable, which could explain why a revival like My Super Sweet 16 is happening. We’ll let you know once MTV officially announces the revival, and hopefully things will be a bit clearer at that point.”, Cinema Blend reports.

“My Super Sweet 16” was one of the biggest shows to air on television during the early 2000s.



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