OYA NEXTRATED: MTN project fame has been a blessing – Steve Adebayo

By Tomi Otekunrin

The MTN project fame season 9 has come and gone but the wonderful memories still linger….The awesome faculty, the splendid hosts, the live audience, the cool ambience, the impartial judges and also the talented contestants who put up their “A”game; most of them got evicted but the most painful eviction was that of Steve Adebayo who even the faculty members attested to the fact that his eviction was indeed painful.

The guy with the golden voice as he is fondly called is a 19year old boy from Benin City .Come along with me as we explore the world of the soft spoken ,gentle Steve as he shares his experience before and after the MTN Project Fame academy and his future plans….

Tomi OYA: What was growing up like for you?
Steve:It was fun,good and bad cause I stayed with my mum until I lost her in the year 2010 and had to live with my aunt who I’m staying with presently in Lagos because myself and my mum lived in Benin until her death.
Losing my mum wasn’t a funny experience at all but my aunt is now my mum, my woman ,my every thing(smiles)I went to secondary school here in Lagos.

Tomi OYA: Have you always been into music?
Steve: In church and in school .I think it was some weeks before Project fame that I got to know from my friends and I was like “I don’t want to go but after a lot of persuasion and encouragement I went and I remember I told them that”You guys sha want to see my face on TV “.I was just praying I would be given a YES. To cut the long story short I was given a yes and I was told I would get a call after 7 days and guess what, I got a call from the one and only uncle Ben.That was how I got into the academy.

Tomi OYA: What was your experience in the academy and how has it shaped you as an artiste?

Steve:(smiles)hmmm!!! MTN project fame academy..when I got to the house I tried my best and I thought I was getting better after each performance. I thought I was getting it right and was shocked when I was placed on probation the first and second time…. I think at that point my performance dropped though I was thinking all along I was going to win the competition but all the same I thank God…….

Tomi OYA: so that led to your painful eviction in a way ,tell us about your experience in the house.

Steve:(smiles)that was my major experience though…….What happened in the house……well ,I love all my colleagues. It was nice staying together with them. I enjoyed my stay….we smiled together,played together and I learnt from them all. The faculty members were awesome. Mummy J is like our Mummy in the house, Ms Ige, our voice coach, oh she is a sweetheart and she can sing soooo well. Hmm Uncle Ben is awesome contrary to what people think that he is a hard nut to crack. I remember when I lost my voice I was told not to talk for 24 hours and seriously I got my voice back . Ms Lovette was and still is my sweetheart……she is a mother to the core, very caring, loving and she encourages me a lot. When I wanted to do a song and everyone said I Couldn’t perform the song because I can’t slip guess what ,Ms Lovette encouraged me,provided me with knee guard and that was one of my favourite performances. All the faculty members were splendid and they all correct in love regardless of their different approaches. They made my stay. The judges too were awesome.

Tomi OYA: what have you been up to since you left the academy?
Steve : I’ve been singing and I will continue to sing despite the fact I’m writing JAMB this year and I will be going to school.

Tomi OYA: What do you want to study?
Steve: Medicine

Tomi OYA: How do you intend to combine medicine and music together?

Steve: I have been a science student all along….I love to study medicine. I’ve been doing that all along and I will continue by HIS grace. I believe singing is my calling because people still think I have been to a music school not knowing that I’m a diction teacher in a primary school….

Tomi OYA: You also teach?
Steve:Yes, I love teaching a lot especially children .

Tomi OYA: How has the project fame academy changed your personality?

Steve:(smiles)Project fame didn’t really do anything bad just that more people know and want to take some pictures with me now. Recently, I was at Ikeja City Mall and a lady dropped the ice cream she was holding and ran after me. Sis, if you see the kind of attention I got from the scene… I’m still myself though even my follower base on Facebook and Instagram has increased……MTN project fame has been a blessing .

Tomi OYA: What is your message to your fans?

Steve: They should keep supporting me and I won’t disappoint them. I love them alot

Tomi OYA: Who are you mentors and role models in the music industry?

Steve: I have quite a number of them….too many to mention but mostly foreign artists…

Tomi OYA: Thanks for your time and from all of us at the outstanding young achievers magazine OYA ,we wish you the very best.

Steve: Thanks so much for having me on the next-rated of OYA,and to you sis for coming.


Interview by Tomi Otekunrin

Edited by Ope Alle and Bankole Wright



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