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My dear friend, I thank the Almighty for giving you to me.
You have been a fantastic friend and a notable part of my life’s journey. Although Same may not be said of me as I have been inconsistent with my showing forth.
My friend I know what you are going through. So many times you have attempted to give up and to lose hope but I will tell you to continue because the victory will be sweeter at the end.
My dear friend many will come to you with sweet easy way out. Please scrutinize all these properly so you will not derail your destiny. Know fully well that nothing good comes easy and most of those with juicy offers don’t really care; all they aim for is to remove the little you have and join with theirs.
Nonetheless, do not because of fear drive away every potential help or destiny helpers. Set up a standard to determine the wheat from the chaff. You may be tempted to compromise your standard by how fast your friends are moving up the ladder of success; but know fully well that you all are running different race and your capacities are different. Your destiny tank may be larger hence it will take more time to fill than their small tank.
My dear friend, Its good to want to taste many soups. The grass is always greener on the other side. But it’s more noble and rewarding to stick with one partner and build with the person. It’s good to have feelings but what is bad is to have feelings for everything in skirt or every fine boy. The woman or man in your life believes you are in a ship heading for a destination, but if you are not going same way with her/him please dear friend tell her/him and save precious time. Broken heart can be repaired but not wasted time.
My dear friend, remember to cater for your parent and to honour and respect them. No one loves you more than them, no one can sacrifice more for you on this earth than them. Take real good care of them as that is your God given duty.
Friend, remember every push you receive on your climb in life and reward all help. Appreciate everyone in your life no matter how insignificant you may think they are. Be thankful for every advice and assistance received. Smile always even to your subordinates, that smile could mean a lot to that gateman.
Help the poor no matter how little. Developed the attitude of giving as its the key to a merry heart.
Strive for truth and speak it always no matter the complications. Truth is a sieve as it would separate you from liars and swift mouthed friends. The path of truth is lonely but it’s water is sweet and full of calm heart.
My friend please take good care of your health, sleep early, don’t eat late, drink lot of water, exercise frequently and take fruits. If you destroy your health, the success and wealth you are chasing now, you may not enjoy it.
My dear friend beware of foolishness and foolish people. Develop your brain and thinking faculty. Mingle with wise men and listen to them. Listen more and speak little. Keep an open mind in every issue and ask questions when in doubt. Be slow to conclude and slow to castigate your fellow man.
Run from greed as it would only lead you to the doors of manipulators and swindlers who will slow your progress.
Chase after excellence and strike out every mediocre mindset and thinking. You are best at what you do and no one is like you.
My dear friend, remember to save no matter how small. Often times, rain falls suddenly and you may be caught unaware. Abstain from unprofitable ventures, frolicking and social vice that will distract you and siphon your little savings.
Appreciate time and utilize every passing second. Procrastination is harmful as it would tell on your progress and self esteem. Do what you have to do now and rest later.
Abate from destroying or tagging as bad everything you don’t understand or anything that is different from what you are used to. Analyze everything critically before concluding. Not everyone that corrects or chastise you is your eneemy or hater. Appreciate truth Sayers and not soothsayers if not, you will be surrounded by fake people who will soak your destiny in lies.
My friend, you will meet people who will make you feel less of yourself, some “holier than thou” people who will make you feel like the worst person/sinner on earth. They will make you regret every mistake you ever made. Don’t be weary my friend, you are not alone. Your mistakes don’t make you, you are the sole director of your life. You only see their faces and their holy talk you don’t know their deepest secrets.

By Segun Solomon Longe. My dear, it’s okay to have Silent battles. It’s not every travail that must be shared; because those whom you share with may actually not give a damn and will only use you to gauge their morality or hardship level. Pick your mentors carefully.
Smile more and take life serious but not too serious. Remember youths now have High blood pressure. Focus on your belief and respect the beliefs of other and your days will be longer, merrier and sweeter.
Work hard, enjoy your success. It’s okay to look at your achievements and smile. Be care not to be proud. The line between self pride and pride is thin.

Your Dearest friend Segun Solomon Longe.



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