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AY Comedian pays tribute to daughter on her birthday

By on February 1, 2017

By Oyamag

This will be the sweetest thing you will read today.

Comedian and movie-producer, AY Makun has penned an emotional tribute to his daughter on his Instgram page.

Read what he wrote below:

I had to catch a flight yesterday to make sure i am home for your special day my darling. Heaven knows that i am one of those parents that are busy in their everyday lives and forget to share with those they love how much they mean to them.
But today is a wonderful day to come home and celebrate what you mean to daddy. This is very important for me as i watched you come out of an operation alive only a few weeks ago. Besides buying you gifts or throwing a big birthday party for you, this is also a day of Thanksgiving. This a day to remind you how much you are loved by daddy.
Just before you came into this world 9 years ago, i remember how broke i was as a proposed father who could not even take care of himself, not to talk of your mum who followed me into the journey with hopes and aspirations for a better tomorrow. Today, you have brought us goodluck. you have been a well behaved and God fearing child. there is absolutely nothing in comparison to your brilliance. At your age you have resolved issues between daddy and mummy, you have also captured the culture of caring and giving to others who dont have. you make me walk with my shoulders high everytime i see your results or attend any of your school functions. You have proven to me that a local Warri boy can also be the father of an ‘Ajebutter’. Michelle Folashade Adeola Makun, You have brightened my world, you are like the sunlight that reflects on the raindrops of me and your mum’s lives to make beautiful rainbows. you have been a blessing to us. Happy Birthday to the sweetest daughter ever!.

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