How Aunty Lanre gives hope to orphans, vulnerable & less privileged children in Ibadan

By Oyamag

Lanre Onasanya, popularly known as Aunty Lanre is a graduate of Lead City University Ibadan where she obtained her first degree in Educational Management in 2012.

Her passion for supporting and impacting children (especially orphans, vulnerable & less privileged children), as well as young women has been  the major reason for her frequent attendance and participation at conferences and seminars where helping humanity is being discussed. This has assisted her professionally in her passion and zeal to help orphans, the less privileged and vulnerable children in Africa.

She is the founder of Aunty Lanre Initiative, a non-governmental organization through which she and her amazing volunteers have reached over 500 orphans & vulnerable children since its inception in 2015. Aunty Lanre Initiative evolved out of her enormous love for children and also,  her personal conviction that with support from the community, orphans and vulnerable children can live better and have more meaningful lives. With her passion for social service and child development especially in the area of social welfare,  for children and young people, she started Auntylanreinitiative.

Her NGO, Auntylanreinitiative kicked off with the first tour of its kind in the city of Ibadan, a tour round Orphanage homes tagged, “The Ibadan Orphanage Tour”. This tour took place within two months, August 8th – Sept 26, 2015. She and volunteers numbering their tens visited 8 Orphanages in 8 weeks (Saturdays) where they spent time, played, impacted lives and gave gifts. The items included food, school, household items and self care items. The second edition of the Ibadan Orphanage Tour held on the 24th of September 2016.

Aunty Lanre Initiative in partnership with the Litera Project, facilitated the scholarship project where 3 children from 2 orphanages in Ibadan were given full scholarships to a reputable high school in Ibadan. An idea of Miss Ajoke Nasir, which resonated with Aunty Lanre’s vision.

She is the co-author of the books Blue Skies; Red Seas, Joyed Up Devotional and My Book of Psalms. She is also the cofounder of ‘Joyed Up’, a campaign against depression in Africa. The above named books are some of the products used to drive this campaign and the books can be purchased anywhere books are sold worldwide. The Products were launched on the 23rd of July, 2016.

Aunty Lanre has worked as teacher and a School Administrator at Citadel private school, Ibadan.  She currently runs a Saturday Club for Children, Aunty Lanre Kids Klub where she teaches, instructs and guides children between ages 4 and 12. Aunty Lanre finds absolute fulfillment in her career. In the year 2016, She was named one of the most influential people in Ibadan, Nigeria by Connect Ibadan. She collaborates with Orphanages, rendering support and teaching values as well as life skills to the children.

Aunty Lanre hails from Ejigbo in Osun state. She was born on the 24th of July and grew up in Ibadan. AuntyLanre is happily married to her Bestie, Bolu Onasanya.


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