My new album will be out in 2018 – Brymo

By Oyamag

Recently, we had a Twitter chat with Brymo. He talked about his forthcoming album, ‘Organised Chaos’, his career and lot more. Read below:

What projects are you currently working on?

I am still promoting the Klĭtôrĭs album and #OrganisedChaos returns real soon.

Some days ago, you tweeted about your new album coming in 2018, tell us more about it

The new project is in its second phase, by the last quarter of the year we’ll be recording. Album will be available by 27/03/18 as promised.

What inspired the name Brymo, and what does it mean?  

It was coined from Ibrahim Olawale, both my names. The ‘O’ simply stands for Olawale.

Top ten songs on your playlist right now

Lindsey Abudei- Shoot them down, John Mayer- Changing, Age of Worry, daughters. Paolo Nutini- Numpty, One day…. etc

Worst embarrassment from a fan

Someone ran up to me in a hotel lobby, hugged me too tightly and for too long, and cried.

Last year, there was a controversy surrounding your response to a fan who asked you for tuition fees on social media.

A lot of people believe tertiary education is a guarantee to success, so I get their reaction…

How did the backslash make you feel?

Backlash???… A lot of people believe tertiary education is a guarantee to success, so I get their reaction

Do you think you were misinterpreted or misjudged?

No I don’t think any of that… I gave my opinion and they reacted to it, it’s all good. This is social media.

People often judge you to be an introvert, is that true or false?

It’s true, but I go out as much as possible, when I need to

Which foreign artists do you wish to meet and collaborate with?

I’d like to meet and work with Cold Play and/or Frank Ocean.

When can we expect another organized chaos? The first one was special.

Date will be announced soon… glad you had a great time.

What keeps you going as a person?

Desire keeps me going, and working to earn it is how I stay away from drama.

What inspired the song Alajo Shomolu?

It was inspired by the story of the thrift collector, in a blend with the story of my survival over the last few years

Whose person’s music do you love listening to?

I listen to a wide range of people. I am constantly in search of new music.

Your art is more vocals/lyrics than big drums/flashy instruments. What genre would you place your music?

It’s a blend of influences. Folk, rock, pop and soul; let’s say alternative!!

 What inspires you?

I pretty much try to tell my story in respect to how it might relate to others.

 Running away from the spotlight of contemporary artists?

I am in the spotlight, but I am building a career. It’s important for the music to be more popular than the face.

One message to the government of the day

The public office is not a place to get rich. Pay yourselves less; pay more attention to the economy. Serve!!

Your words to fans that look up to you and aspire to be like you? 

Learn as much as you can from other artistes. Take that which is true to you from the lessons. Be yourself.

It was such a nice time with you here. So many things revealed. Thanks for your time. We wish you all the best!

Thank you for having me… had fun sharing with you.

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