Chukwuka Chukwumerije: This is how to fight

By Chukwuka Chukwumerije

While growing up, my dad didn’t let us watch TV very much. We could only steal glances when it was 9pm, when Cyril Stober would put on his white caftan, after NTA’s signature tune.
My mother didn’t really care. She wasn’t the TV kind of person. She’d rather spend that time in her room with her bible.
There were only two occasions where my family gathered together to watch TV. Only two.
The first was about a tape. Something like ‘Ima na Jesus na-asu Igbo’, ‘The Rapture’, some other bible related movie, or a tape of Reinhard Bonnke.
The second was on Thursdays by 8pm. Just an hour before daddy’s 9pm news came on. It was Super Story. Dad has never been a movie person but for some reason he’d watch with us. My favourite then was ‘One Bad Apple’. Ah! It was an amazing series. Those stories weren’t just about entertainment, they taught serious lessons about life. Even mummy had to finish dinner early so she won’t miss any second it.
Those were the kind of entertainment I grew up to see and I miss them so much.
Entertainment has evolved. It’s no more about how it moves your heart but how it moves your groins. Sex is what sells. If what you’re selling ain’t about sex, ain’t nobody buying it and that’s why shows like BBN gets the kind of rating it does. Unfortunately shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians are what the current kids are growing up to see, and what our kids would probably grow to see. It would not get any better. This is true.
Not when virginity is no longer that precious thing we had to hold on to, till marriage. In fact, anybody that has managed to keep himself/herself fears to speak out for fear of being ridiculed.
Not when young men and women speak freely of their sexual escapades on social media, like its some trophy they’re winning.
Not when children as young as 7 are now sexually active. Not when Disney has introduced homosexuality into the cartoons on our screens.
Not even when Christians have understood the message of grace as ‘sin as much as you want, you are already a citizen of heaven’.
There is a war going on, and you have to see it as it is. The devil knows his time gets thinner by the second, and he’d do everything within his power to capture as many souls as he can, and his most potent device is the media (Internet, TV, Radio, Music, whatever!)
You don’t fight a war by praying it stops. No! That’s why I’m amazed at men of God who are prophesying for the closure of BBN and like shows.
You fight it by putting on your helmet, picking up your shield, taking up your sword and heading to the battle field. It is high time we took control of the great mountain of the media.
It’s about sitting down to strategize.
Someone would say, “The church spends millions preaching on air.” I agree. We hear these messages in church too. A lot of Christians flip the channel when a preacher comes on talk less of unbelievers.
We need creative ways to preach same gospel, and one way of getting it done is to penetrate the entertainment industry. People love what makes them feel good. That’s why I love Tyler Perry and the work he’s been doing over the years. That’s why I love the Kendrick Brothers (producers of Fireproof, War Room, Courageous, etc.) Did you know that those life-changing movies are an offshoot of the drama unit of their church?
Please let’s fight. And let’s fight right! This is war, and those talents you’ve got are meant to used until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord takes over the earth like the waters cover the sea

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