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By Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

Many weeks ago, a video of Patrick Doyle referring to Entertainment as insidious surfaced online and I could remember scrolling through the comment section and while some people were quick to agree with him, some people were swift enough to tell the old man to stick it where it belongs, but one of those comments that stood out for me the most was the one that said “chill, it’s not that deep!” . . . Bia! Young man, I beg to differ; it’s a very deep something.

Do I think Entertainment is insidious? Yes, totally! It is undeniably true that the Entertainment Industry is one of the foremost lifestyle influencing industries which cut across all life and human growth stages – teenagers, adolescents and adults. It influences how we speak, interact, dress, and unbelievably, what we aspire to and how we aspire to it.

You think Patrick Doyle took the 30 billion for the account thing too far? You might want to ponder over it again and conclude otherwise. Whether we like it or not, a large number of Youths pick their role models from the Entertainment Industry and as much as there is something positive out there to hold on to in their stories and climb to success and social ladder, there are lots of vices we are not paying attention to. Entertainment has raised glorified hustlers into overnight celebrities who some of us look up to as role models.

Recently, there was an accusation raised by Falzthebadguy against 9ice about his latest track that encourages youth to embrace desperation in their quest for fame and fortune – at first, this accusation didn’t go well with him but at the end of the day, he had to own up to it. Shouldn’t it be worrying that we are now in the century where everything goes so far the money is made? We don’t care where we get it from and how we get it, all that matters is having it. Early this year, the society had made a sudden celebrity out of a little boy who was damn sure all he wanted to be was a ‘mo-fe- sase crooner’ and you want to tell me that wasn’t Entertainment influenced? Entertainment says it’s okay to celebrate mediocrity; the more reason someone like Bobrisky has suddenly turned role model to our Youths by saying it doesn’t matter if it’s cheap and uninspiring, so far you have the popularity even if it has to be for the wrong reasons.

Entertainment says you can’t really rock a cloth twice because that’s what comes with the celebrity status or else how will you pepper dem gang? It says we can’t all be in the same industry and really be friends if we must make it more than others, therefore we must be at each other’s throats, throw shades and engage in meaningless social media beefs and wars.

It says this is when to have a particular thing lest it becomes ‘out of vogue’ by the time you lay your hands on it. It says pay attention to what he/she wears and not what he/she really represents and that’s why somebody like Hushpuppi whose source of wealth we can’t really verify comes for Phyno over someone else’s creative piece – Gucci! The display of affluence off and on social media platforms believe me, drives a lot of youngsters crazy even though it can be difficult to admit.

Entertainment is teaching us to aspire to material things thereby making us desperate hustlers. No one wants to own a pair of shoes or clothing materials that’s not a designer. Oh! Please, I’m not beefing designers and I’m not saying it’s not good. I have a list of designers whose creative pieces I would love to rock but it doesn’t mean that’s all there is to spend money on. It doesn’t mean that’s why I’m trying my best to work hard just to own them. Gone are the days when we believe in hard work and legitimate source of income. These days, talent merely survives where connection and endorsement are. We no longer believe in personal journeys and processes that we tend to suddenly place a gauge and time on when money should have been made. You hear things like is Davido not your younger brother? Are you not older than Wizkid? Your mates are busy making money and you’re still here struggling! These days, some women will size men up and if they can’t find at least a designer in all he has, mehn, they ain’t staying for that suffering.

My feminist side wasn’t even looking at Davido’s If from the angle of leading youngsters to desperate hustling, I just couldn’t but noticed a reduction of women into material things – if you tell me say you love me, and there is Versace and Gucci plus 30 billion, I better wise up and leave the gragra and senrenren. Some ladies fall for designers. Have you ever tried to look beyond his designers? That a guy wears Versace on the face, on his finger and probably a ‘dub’ on his feet doesn’t mean he’s a good man with a legitimate source of income. We want to own possessions that when it gets stolen; we begin to have high bp! Some youngsters wouldn’t even mind taking loan and living beyond their means just to catch up with their Entertainment idols. The pressure to impress has become really high that we read news about our Music ‘stars’ and Actresses getting nabbed outside of the country over stolen credit cards and scrupulous money wired into their accounts. We’ve forgotten that simplicity is luxury and that is very much okay to go from nothing to little and to much.

Entertainment now says days of little beginnings are tantamount to lack of ambition and laziness. Most importantly, this generation really doesn’t encourage hard work but hustling and as far as I’m concerned, hustling isn’t just another street term for ‘hard work’, it is a façade of hard work where anything goes so far money comes and the ones who mirror truly what hard work is in the Entertainment Industry are little compared to the ones teaching us that times chariot wing is hurrying and we don’t have time to build success stories.

In all, they say stop looking at these people and focus on yourself and what you believe is right, but it can be quite difficult to do that when these people are always in our faces all the time and Entertainment is as influencing as the flashes its flashiness gives.



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