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“Dami!” Professor Dele yelled. It was her turn to present. She was quick to channel herself back to the class. She’d been staring at the ring that she was given by someone whose name she doesn’t even know. She picked the ring as she rose to present her Creative Writing assignment on mystery.

“On this day, a year ago. We were strangers. We listened to others without speaking to each other, on how to get to our destination. The conflict arose like a storm. Akoda witnessed a new beginning.

Where chaos was a blessing in disguise. There was a problem at car park. I watched as a young man helped with my bag, which left me a bit confused. I followed him closely as he signaled to me. Not knowing that, there was already an escape plan. We rode off with another cab which was parked far away from the park.

The driver was very smart and he took his chances. We laughed at the park’s cab drivers who were at each other’s neck over who was the next to “load”. It was the quickest transition I’ve ever witnessed. It was like we were on a mission. There was something about the man I followed.

First, I noticed the dimple..hmm..next, it was the cap that gave out a totally different look. It didn’t take me minutes to assume he was an Ibo man. Within minutes, his jovial nature attracted me. I fell in love…” Damilola’s attention was diverted.

She noticed the figure of a man lurking behind the classroom’s window. She stepped away from the podium. The students stared at her in astonishment. Like he wasn’t bothered, Professor Dele returned his gaze to the term paper he was holding while she presented earlier.

She was just standing there, turning this way,  and that way,  with a bewildered look on her face. The man smiled at her.

“He is here…” she announced. This time,  the Professor raised his head.

“Damilola is your mystery man… my son!” exclaimed the professor.








Adekoya Adenike is fondly called Adufe. With a Bachelor’s degree in English Language, she has been pretty much obsessed with writing. She has got a soft spot for poems and micro stories.

Her Instagram page (@i.am.adufe) has housed some of her writings. She also takes delight in reading and taking pictures. She is a writer without love for coffee.





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