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Of late

My mind wandered

Here, there, wanting a sacred show

to see The One, The Greatest of all

one abnormal abominable act

I know it, the feelings of queer craving


Of a sudden

I heard “Haven’t I showed myself enough”

That wasn’t a question I could sense

My heart, body, being felt his presence

My goodness!

The Breath, my mind’s mind reminds itself,

The Battles won beforehand, my being began to recall,

The Love, Christ!, my heart felt unusually swollen

Unable to contain it

My family’s Shield, the dreams show forth his mightiness

The day records your gracious deeds, and the night

show forth your unfathomable acts

Both, quickly reminding my mind of your unfathomable existence

Good Lord,  I’m Awed!

Guider, Guardian, Father, Soul Saver, The Greatest Healer… Unlimited in might!

Who is like unto thee?

My body softened, like a child

after touching fire, having been forewarned.







Adekoya Adenike is fondly called Adufe. With a Bachelor’s degree in English Language, she has been pretty much obsessed with writing. She has got a soft spot for poems and micro stories.

Her Instagram page (@i.am.adufe) has housed some of her writings. She also takes delight in reading and taking pictures. She is a writer without love for coffee.






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