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The Change of Existence by Damilola Rachael

Good morning to you all, how y’all doing?

Let us look at a particular reality that we as humans deal with.

A while ago, I met an old friend- a high school friend actually, this meeting wasn’t the usual one as it was somewhat awkward.
I met this friend with a stick of cigarette stuck in his mouth, in a rather not too good state, grinning
at the confused me, and while I was trying to figure out all that was going on, his husky voice said to me,

‘Dami,  people change!’

Shocked I was, mesmerized by this reality before my eyes.
I definitely know change and this wasn’t the one I expected. I thought of this all through.

Now you see, actually a lot of us out there aren’t so much as we were few years back, many of us hit the lane at the very same junction but headed several different directions, however, the direction you took some years back definitely tells a lot about who you are now, the direction is symbolic of the decisions you made during those important, sacrosanct years.

And there are either any 3 of these people;

*They are so content at the state they are, not ready to push further even though it may not be the best state.

*These ones really don’t care about where they are even though obviously they are in the midst of nowhere.

*And these ones aren’t content about where they are but wants much more.

You see,  change is a phenomenon we all took part in and still do.

In fact, change brought our existence Man is ‘Change birthed”, we change. It is actually the beauty of our existence.

Still, I’ve seen worse beings let change  TRANSFORM them into awesome beings and
I’ve seen awesome beings CONFORM into worse beings. What an irony!

However, change is so much dependent on the Outside World; It is much determined by what goes on around us.
In fact, You are a result of what you’ve allowed to take hold of you over time.

And there are FIVE principle to what defines what you are now and what you will become :

*What you see daily
*What you hear daily
*What you say daily
*What you think daily
*Who you relate with daily

But, let me lend you my simple ingredient in ensuring better change;


Checking you out will involve you prioritising what should go on in your thought and your daily life. It would involve paying much attention to what you allow to pass through your senses!.

And essentially, Define Your Change and see it Change You.

Hence, make a resolution to take charge of you!

And for my friend, he is definitely changed
May not be the best change though, but that was his definition of CHANGE!


Do have a great day!

……every bit you allow in your life shapes and makes you and has every resonance to those around You’








Ogunniyi Damilola Rachael is a versatile young lady who has the passion to see that the society of ours becomes a better one. This she does by making use of writing, speaking and every other platforms and opportunities in her capacity to see this fulfilled.

She is presently the Registrar of EngracedHands Writing Institute, Nigeria an initiative which aims to build and establish writers.

She overtime has had  rapid adaptability to new problem solving with time efficient working methodology.

She believes that there is an innate greatness in everyone which can be revealed by discovery of individual differences and she considers helping people discover themselves her major focus of existence.


Twitter: @mizdlixmhe

Facebook: Dammy Rachael Olamide

Mail: [email protected]



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