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Meet 14-year-old photographer, Aimalohi Akharume

By Babkole Wright
14-year-old photographer, Aimalohi Akharume. She talks about her passion for photography, what inspires her, her plans and lot more. Read the interview below:
OYA Magazine, had a brief chat with Who exactly is Lohis Concept? 
A young budding photographer who expresses herself by capturing stories in pictures, from a very different angle.
How did you come about the name?
Lohi was derived from my name Aimalohi.
What inspired photography? 
 I wanted to find a way to express my self, to interpret stories of issues  often ignored.
Being young and creative,  what has been your challenges so far and how do you tackle them?
 Being young. that’s the major issue. Some people love the fact that I am so young and see the world in the way I do, and some people don’t take me seriously because obviously  I am young and to them, that means “Inexperienced”. I am a girl and there are few female photographers, talkless of my age. It is difficult enough in a male dominated industry. Timing and location are also an issue, for instance, if I have an event that is a far location or overnight my parents would be reluctant to let me attend. I am basically more involved in the creative part of photography, when I started I didn’t know much about the technical part which was a major issue. Well, I actually read up on anything to do with photography, you can never know it all,  I watch youtube videos and apply for online courses as well. I also interact a lot with other photographers and exchange ideas.
Photography is becoming crowded,  how do you intend to sustain Lohis Concept?
By always standing out and expanding my brand,  with the help of my team,  basically pushing my brand to become a household name and get to greater heights.
Who do you look up to in the industry? 
They are many o! these photographers had a major impact on my craft;  like Ayo Busari ,BTG, Ubong, Adedot ,  Andikan, Sopephotography, Toju Euba, Jinmi (69 Views) and Kobi Wolf. I look up to Njc works, Iju and Ty Bello.
What bad experience have you had in photography? 
I’ve got plenty. They all taught me valuable lessons. I guess, I did a shoot in Essex England, I was so excited because it was a beautiful location and I sent them to a GC of other photographers for their opinion, the negative appraisal almost made me quit before I even started. Some of them, however, reached out to me and encouraged while pointing out my mistakes.
What is photography to you? 
Photography is a means through which I put expression to my feelings about the things and people  I see.
What should your fans expect,  what does Lohis Concept have in stock for her fans and customers? 
Series  Of shoots Planned with mind blowing concepts, yall should wait on it !!
Did you have any challenge with your parents as regards your choice of photography? 
My parents are very supportive, even though they think that at 14 ( when I started I was 12). I am way too young to take it as seriously as I am. They follow me to some shoots and sit through the whole thing, they just want a balance between my academics and my passion for photography.
A word to your fans and to upcoming photographers?
To my fans, I thank you guys for the love and support. I am still shocked when I am recognized. It is wonderful that people can actually love and understand my craft .  Once you have a passion, go for it, give it your all, don’t be discouraged by negative remarks and criticism, be humble enough to take corrections.



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  1. Yaaay!! way to go Aima🙌 the sky is your starting point….more grease to your elbow…Bella naija take note oh😏

  2. Go darling,go darling go, God will order your steps, you will fulfill that purpose in life in Jesus name amen.

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