Social media can be deceptive and destructive – Yomi Fabiyi

He is no doubt a stranger in the Nigerian movie industry. He has been in the game for about a decade. He does both English and Yoruba movies effortlessly and this has earned him much respect among his mates. He is one of the humble celebrities in Nollywood, his love, care and concern for his colleagues is second to none. Welcome to the world of the soft spoken actor YOMI FABIYI in this interview with  OTEKUNRIN OLUWATOMI.

OYA: Can you tell us the man behind the name YOMI FABIYI?

Y.F: Yomi is a level headed man and love to really care for people.

OYA: How have you been able to create a niche for yourself in the teeming movie industry?

Y.F: (smiles)creating a niche for myself, by knowing what I’m doing and doing it well. I have also evolved over the years and I’m not relenting any time soon.

OYA: Was acting intentional?

Y.F:   I started as an MC. I just want to entertain people in my environment, you know,  just a local amateur kind but while I was doing all that. I was discovered and I found out I could do more. To God be the glory, I have been acting for close to two decades.

OYA: Your support, love and care for your colleagues in the industry is overwhelming .Tell us about this unusual trait amidst your peers.

Y.F: (smiles)when I joined this industry I discovered the need for unity. What should unite us should be beyond acting and meeting on locations. People should know that when you care for people, that doesn’t mean you are beneath those people. I want the best for all my colleagues and I didn’t know how to hide it. Just love caring for people.

OYA: What have you been doing differently from your colleagues concerning your own movies?

Y.F :  My fans can spot the difference. I try to improve on my last movie. I research a lot, I have a unique story line. I can’t judge myself; my audience will do that but I’m trying my best.

OYA:  What is the craziest rumour you have heard about yourself?

Y.F:   I heard I married because of paper abroad. Some say I am gay! Can you imagine that? As for me, I didn’t let that affect me. I have developed a thick skin. No one is permitted to steal your joy expect you permit it.

OYA:  Some of Yoruba movies are mostly known for the very predictable storyline, less gripping and intriguing, What can you say about this?

Y.F: Some movies have predictable storylines while others don’t .The budget of every movie matters because it will tell on the story. If you have money and you want to build a house, you will employ a good architect who will do a very good job for you regardless of how costly it is because you can afford it and reverse will be the case if the person that wants to build the house is broke.

OYA: Do you think Nigerian movie industry is too flooded with a lot of actors and actresses?

Y:F:   We don’t even have enough people yet. If we really want to do movie in a more professional way we need much more human power .There are some movie scenes that  we don’t have enough people to use .

OYA:  What can you say about Nollywood ?

Y.F:  We are improving andwe are trying .

OYA: What is your advice to the youth?

Y.F:    Think about your dreams before money. Please, don’t forget that social media is awesome but it can be deceptive and destructive. Take charge of your life.

OYA:  What is your message to your fans?

Y.F:  My fans are my engine. I love them so much. I will continue to pray for them and I won’t disappoint them.

Interview by Tomi Otekunrin




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