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Why I cried on my wedding day – Seun Akindele


Seun Akindele prides himself as one of Nollywood’s finest actors. He shot into limelight when he participated in the AMSTEL MALTA BOX OFFICE ( AMBO) reality TV show some years ago. Although he didn’t win the competition, he has gone ahead to prove himself as a talented, hardworking and spectacular thespian. He hails from Ekiti State and studied History and International Relations at the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU). He talks about is career, family and lot more in this exclusive interview with Tomi Otekunrin.


OYA: You are a graduate of History and International Relation, how did you find your love in Nollywood?

SEUN A: (smiles) Well let me burst your bubble, I have been acting since my days in LASU. In fact, I started with modelling in 2000 and acting 2005.

OYA:  You’ve been acting and modelling before you made it to AMBO HOUSE.?

SEUN A: Yes o! I started acting before going to AMBO HOUSE. ;e don’t think  I started acting after I went to the house.

OYA: How did Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) shape your career?

SEUN A:  Amstel Malta Box Office was very challenging, I learnt a lot. RMD was our coach then and you know when you have someone like him as a coach you don’t have a choice than to be very attentive but I must say it really helped my career. Though I didn’t win, nevertheless, it was very helpful. I can’t forget the experience, the house, the people I met and what I learnt.

OYA: What was your first film like?

SEUN A: My first film was titled Different World’. I was a privilege to be on set with Ramsey Noah and other was challenging but fun at the same time.

OYA: What was your parent’s take when you started out since you studied International Relations?

SEUN A: Seriously you know something about me that is interesting is that my parent trusts me a lot. They know everything I want to do, I do it so well and guess what? They are proud of me all the time. They now say that is our son.  They pray for me all the time and they love what I’m doing.

OYA:  You are so versatile that you do Yoruba movies so well, despite the fact that you are known mostly for English movies.

SEUN A: My name is SEUN AKINDELE I’m Yoruba so I should be able to interpret Yoruba script. I don’t want to be an English actor. I want to be an African actor. It’s been fun acting on both sides; I love acting either in Yoruba or English.

OYA: Talking about roles in movies, no doubt your acting prowess is so exquisite that you nail all your roles in movies. What is the secret?

SEUN: The secret is just GOD and that I love getting better every time I find myself on set. I want to deliver much more all the time. I love challenging myself. I read my script and I rely on God for the rest.

OYA: What has been the most challenging role you’ve played so far?

SEUN A: All my roles have been quite challenging. For the most challenging role, I think it’s UNBENDED KNEES which was directed by Lancelot Imaseun .

OYA: Can we say the popular soap opera “Spider’’ brought you to the limelight.

SEUN A: You know what, I get this a lot, I have been acting before the soap opera but what Spider did for me was phenomenal. Recently I travelled out and I was shocked that someone was telling about Spider. It was part of my break in Nollywood.

OYA: Are you considering producing or directing anytime soon?

SEUN A:  No, I’m not even thinking of that at all. I love acting so well I’m not sold out to direct or produce. I’m an incurable actor.  I know many of my colleagues are into it but this is what I like doing-ACTING.

OYA: How do you handle your strong female fans before your marriage?

SEUN A: My female fans indeed. Well, I keep them as admirers and nothing more.They are very important too but they will remain my fans.

OYA: You said the Amstel Malta Box Office House was a huge part of your success story, what do you think generally about reality shows?

SEUN: it’s a pity there is no more AMBO House but the gist is reality shows give people the platform to express themselves, showcase their talents and learn on the job. I wish we could still have AMBO but the other shows are still okay. People should make the best use of any reality show they are opportune to qualifyfor..The experiences are always unforgettable.

OYA: Who is SEUN AKINDELE in real life?

SEUN A: OLUWASEUN AKINDELE in real life is fun loving. I love watching movies if I’m not on set. I love GOD a lot. I’m very prayerful. I love staying at home. I don’t really hang out except if I’m on set like this. I love swimming. I hate gossip. I can be shy sometimes. I love my privacy.

OYA: Behind every successful man, there is a superwoman, tell us about the role of your wife to the success of your career?

SEUN A: My wife, my everything. My wife is very supportive, she is my number one fan and we have really come a long way, my wife is a virtuous woman and she can pray a lot just like me.I love her so much, think of the best woman you can be with then that is my wife. She is one in a million.

OYA: You cried on your wedding day, what happened?

SEUN: I was just happy to see my mum and my dad alive and that was getting married to my best friend, not everyone is privileged to have all that.

OYA: What is your advice to people looking up to you and your fans?

SEUN A:  Love you all and I want you to continue to support me and I won’t disappoint you . To those looking up to me, l want you to be hard working and be prayerful, go for your passion and learn from people.


Interview by Tomi Otekunrin

Edited by Bankole Wright






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