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Tomi Adesina talks football, relationship and her new book in new interview

Tomi Adesina talks football, relationship and her new book in new interview

By Bankole Wright


The author of recently launched “George’s Pieces of Me” in this exclusive chat with OYA MAGAZINE talks about her new book, her passion for football and lot more.

Who is Tomi Adesina and what does she do?

-Tomi Adesina is a screenwriter, fiction series blogger and recently and author. She is a microbiology graduate from Bowen University and holds a masters from the University of Lagos in Environmental Biology. Tomi is a sport fan and particularly loves Chelsea Football Club. When she is not writing, she is either watching football or playing video games.

You recently launched your first hardcopy book, how does that make you feel?

-Absolutely delighted! This is something I have always looked forward to for very long time and I am so happy to see it come to reality. I am also grateful to God for the privilege and the opportunity because He made it happen for me.

What has been the reception so far?

-It has been very positive. Readers could connect to the character, George and the other stories have been diverse yet unifying in the central themes and this has me pleased.

What has been your experience through the journey of creating the book George’s Pieces of Me, from incubation, drafting, publishing, launching, as well as sales and marketing of the book?

-It’s been a roller coaster ride. The different stages have come with their challenges and the need to be stronger. During the incubation phase, it was something that necessitated me finding a style that could convey the stories I wanted to tell and in the end I was glad that a bit of poetry and some prose could the work for me. Publishing and launching involved money and that is where the hiccups arose, but I was not going to stop until I saw this happen because I had in time past put off dreams and other works due to the financial implication but this season was right for me and I knew I was investing right in my dreams. The marketing and sales so far has been interesting, we are putting in more effort to get people reading George’s Pieces of me and sharing their experiences as this is one of the best ways to get other people reading it.

How did your journey into writing begin?

-Writing is the only thing I remember knowing how to do. So the journey probably dates back to my birth. But I have had to hone the talent into a skill that could fetch something profitable over the years.

What inspires you to write?

-I derive inspiration from anything I see, feel and experience. Sometimes, it’s in what I hear, I am a music ardent and a lover of arts, so paintings, photography also do the trick for me. But I believe strongly that I am inspired by God because He provides wisdom to see deeper than what meets the eye and that’s where I draw stories and emotions from.

In what ways have your career as a writer grown since you started writing?

-Growing is daily and I have always sought for personal development as an integral part of my writing. That is why I try to do one better than yesterday. I delved into screenwriting as an opportunity to grow in my writing. I have also recently gone back to my first love, poetry which blogging had at a time taken from me.

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?
-To impact lives. I want people to be blessed because of what I write, any blessing that comes is an added advantage.

What challenges have you had in the course writing and authorship?

-Trying to get people to read you can be work and make no mistake, you need to make an effort for people to get to read what you write, you can’t keep your writings in your journal and expect people to see it. You need to make a conscious effort to make sure that your work is been read, it’s all a process. It doesn’t happen at once and initially I struggled with this but as soon as I understood the necessity for consistency and improvement in writing, it got a lot better.

What was growing up like and how has it affected your writing?

-Growing up was a bit of demanding and fun, there were standards, rules, principles and there were the days of fun. As a creative child, I found stories in everything and it aided my writing and expression.

Tell us about your academic background and how it has affected your writing career?

-I attended Bowen University and I have my first degree in Microbiology. I have a second degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Lagos. In relation to affecting my writing, I won’t say there’s a direct correlation but experiences in every facet is good for a creative because it adds knowledge and depth to your work.

Did you at any point experience a writer’s block in the course of writing the book?

-Sure, there are always hiccups in writing, it’s all about knowing what works for you in recovering and learning to use it. Like when I was trying to create the character Jemimah, I had several ideas and it made me stressed and eventually led to a jam because there were too many thoughts and direction that could be explored but in the end, I just had to trust the character to live her own life.

Did you at any point acquire more knowledge in writing like enrolling for writing programs?

-Erm, yes, I once attended a screenwriting/Producers’ workshop.

Aside writing, what are your other hobbies?

-Writing is not my hobby, Lol. It’s life. I play video games (FIFA) and then I do a lot of listening to music as well as watch football games.

What lessons have you learnt in the course of your career as a writer?

-Trust your process. Trust your writing. Don’t write for other writers to validate you, write for your own audience.

What is writing to you?

-Life. Writing is life. It is something that brings me home and takes me away. I love writing. I live as a writer.

Any advice for other writers out there?

-Just write. Write what you believe in. Write what you love. Your audience would read you.

Did you at any point get discouraged to complete the book?
-No, I wanted this. So, I didn’t take anything in negative strides.

So tell us, is Tomi Adesina hooked or is she single? Tell us about it?

-Tomi declines to respond at this time.

If you are to define your kind of writing, what kind of writer would you call yourself?

-I can’t define it. I just a mind that works as a writer, so I am a writer. I don’t like to define things.

Which authors inspire you? Who do you look up to?
-I love Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury, Jodi Picoult, Danielle Steel, I also like Ted Dekker.



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