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Is Projecto the next big thing to storm Nigerian campuses?

Technology has evolved over time to make things better and easier for us by putting the world on our palms.

El Estandar Multiservices company will be turning the direction of Nigeria students online to their newly launched website PROJETO, a new online project writing marketplace majorly for project writing.

The new platform called projeto launched out today for both students and authors to connect with each other and simplify the process of project writing. It promises to be an exciting project portal, the first of its kind for students who are having difficulties in getting their final year project done.

According to the CEO, Mr. Adewuyi Mayowa, the launch of the platform will empower millions of people and make life easier to the subscribers who are largely students and want to join the authors where they all will co-exist. The platform aims at making project writing easier for students with the help of the authors.

The platform as an innovative platform is one of its kid focused on strickly academic writings. The academic content on the platform will be for those pursing National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and NCE for now. We will be opened for authors at the level of Masters and PhD very soon once the authors in those categories are approved Mr. Mayowa added during a chat with him.

The launch of the portal had received a lot of visit as at the time of this report with over 3,000 page hits on the first day of launch. Projeto is one of the rare platforms developed by an African and also running in Africa. Most students in their final year are expected to make use of this platform to work hand in hand with authors that can guide them through their project and make it a success.

To make something work, get connected to the right team, don’t do it alone because no man is a highland of knowledge, therefore let’s co-exist Mr. Mayowa said in the concluding part of his speech.

Visit www.projeto.com.ng for more details.



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