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Products of a failing State; Manifestations of a Decadent Society

By Bankole Wright


The present saddening state of the Nation has become highly conspicuous that even the blind can see it’s demeaning effect on both young and old.

The economic malady which has prevailed and menaced it’s way into the heart of the Nation cannot be overemphasized. Even household rats are beginning to look for other means of survival.

The poor are more forlorn,the rich are getting very confused, the desperate are getting more violent. A sick state indeed.

It leaves one to wonder where indeed is this nation heading? Are we having the bargained change, preached by the bigots of political diplomacy and insincerity? Or, do we still anticipate a hope as been preached by optimistic saviours of motivational decent?

The bitter truth is the Nation is heading towards a decline; I do not write in respect of the ancient generation; those who have pervade  and permeate the government and various national leadership positions, simply because age is beginning to speak; desperacy hass set in as the old needs to make investment plans but unfortunately through devious means.

My rationale for the imminent decline of the nation is specifically hinged on the putrefying essence of the youth, characterized by theft, drugs,and various forms of unethical acts.

I read in the newspaper recently of a trio internet fraudsters  arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly defrauding an estate agent of about N4m.

The suspects namely; – Olisa Oyegbuka, 28; Ifeannacho Kingsley, 27; and Ujumwa Aniemena, 33–had allegedly hacked into the email of a client of the estate agent.

On reading the news, I marveled and thought; are they products of a failing Nigeria or manifestations of a failed society? These burdensome questions kept on lingering in my heart.

Let us get this straight; the Nation is indeed in a worrisome state of economic decline but the problem is not totally the nation’s( leadership) but with that of those in the nation, those who consider themselves less privileged, the seemingly desperate poor who see no other way of survival other than to prey on others.

The nation may seem like it’s failing but if we as citizens decide not to fail then we will build a living nation not a dieing State.

The ages of the suspected fraudsters created a perplexing mood for me; vibrant youths with energy, intellect, poise and vigor, were accused of hacking into emails; what a great talent or ability! One which could yield productivity if channeled into positive ventures.

Nigeria is failing not because of its present state authored by the old but the dangerous irresponsibility of the young; the inability of the youths to prove themselves worthy of being handed a nation to.

If we as youths will not prove our worth of responsibility and vision beyond doubts, then the old will definitely continue to pervade and prevail over the leadership scene.

Well I still speak in hope, I know of Young achievers, youths with passion and focus, with positive vision and strength channeled toward positivity and national growth.

I reiterate here, if we youth continue in irresponsibility, then the nation will definitely remain in a declined state.

I am a youth, I stand for positivity,

I am a leader, I stand for responsibility,

I choose to make positive impact in this nation,

I am responsible for whatever happens in this nation.

Nigeria’s mine

Nigeria, my pride.



Wright Bankole Oluwaseun

[email protected]

Instagram: @iambankolewright

Twitter: @BankoleWright










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