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“The fact that I don’t have parents makes me more independent “: Read inspiring story of LSSFW 2017 Best Makeup Artist

Nigeria has grown to be a nation where creativity prevails; the nation’s development is beginning to tilt towards the creative and innovative. It becomes highly impressive to have young individuals at the helms of affair in creativity in Nigeria. One of these creative minds is a fast rising student makeup artist who recently won the Lagos Students Award on the 18th of May.

Read below the motivating interview with CEO CECI MAKEOVERS

OYA: So can we meet you?
FUNMIBI: I am Funmibi Ogunbowale Cecilia. I am from Abeokuta, Ogun State. I am the 3rd of 4 children and the 2nd of the females. I am 20 years of age and a Christian. I am currently in my final year at the Lagos State University, studying English Education, and of course, I am the CEO and Creative Director of CECIMAKOVERS. I am also a self-taught makeup artist.

OYA: How did it all start?

FUNMIBI: It all began in 2015 when I spoke to a friend who is a motivational speaker about passions and I discovered mine was Makeup and BOOM! I began practicing on myself and people.

OYA: How was growing up like?

FUNMIBI: Growing up was challenging. After my mum died when I was 3, I stayed with my dad for a while and later I moved to stay with my grandma’s sister. From there, I moved to stay with my paternal grandparents and from there, I moved to my aunt’s place; my mum’s sister. I later moved to my maternal grandparents and that was where I completed my secondary school education. I attended like 5 to 6 primary schools and just 2 schools for my secondary education. In SS2, my dad passed away. My admission into Lagos State University brought me to Lagos, and I am currently staying with one of my aunts.

OYA: What were your challenges so far?

FUNMIBI: Challenges for me so far have been juggling makeup and academics. There are times I would let some makeup jobs go because of school and vice versa.
God has been so good and he has been directing my path.

OYA: What is your driving force?

FUNMIBI: The fact that I don’t have parents makes me more independent and this keeps me moving forward and drives me to do more so as to attain greater heights.

OYA: Who so you look up to as role models in your field?

FUNMIBI: Anita Adetoye of Anita Brows Beauty is one of the people in the industry I look up to. She is a national and international makeup artist and she is really good. Lola Ojetola also known as Lola OJ, a beauty enthusiast is another. MD Blinx Cosmetics is another person I look up to. She studied law and though the makeup is not full time, her makeup is always on point and I love her fighting spirit. She is relentless. Another person I look up to is Gwen Dilara. She is an Ibadan based makeup artist and a glitter cut crease queen. We met on social media and she is nice. Last, but not the least, L.O. G cosmetics, my cousin who owns the makeup line. She is also an inspiration.

OYA: Knowing that there is an influx of makeup artists everywhere in Nigeria, how do you intend to thrive?

FUNMIBI: The only way to make it to the top in any area in life is to get better at what one does. Learn, learn and learn. Do not get tired of learning new things and when you know something, teach people too. Train people and by so doing, you will get better and be known for what you do.

OYA: How do you balance academics with your makeup passion?

FUNMIBI: It has been God all the way. like I said earlier, there are times I cancel makeup jobs for my studies.

OYA: How did you feel winning, Lagos State Students AWARD?

FUNMIBI: I feel so excited and really happy. I mean, this is like a dream come true. I can proudly say I am an award winning makeup artist and I thank God, my family and friends for making it possible for me. I appreciate them all. I also want to thank Lagos State Student Fashion Week for the great privilege.

OYA: Did you know you were going to win it?

FUNMIBI: At some point, I knew I was going to win because people kept voting and my votes were getting higher than that of the others.

OYA: What do we expect from you, what projects are you working on now?

FUNMIBI: Well, I plan having a makeup class which is going to hold for 2 days and is also very affordable. I will be teaching people how to do their everyday makeup and also I will be giving some makeup tips.

OYA: What do you have to say to upcoming makeup artists who are yet to attain your height?

FUNMIBI: Do not give up on your dreams. If you don’t work on your dreams, no one will for you. Even when it’s not looking like it, keep working hard and get better. Surround yourself with positive people and trust in God.

Thank you Ms Funmibi Ogunbowale for your audience
Congratulations once again.



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