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OYA SPOTLIGHT: I’d love to work with Toke Makinwa, Kemi Adetiba – Vee

We had a chat with fast-rising OAP, Violet Ejiata, popularly known as Vee. She shares her journey, challenges and dreams with us. Enjoy.

Hey, how are you doing?

Hello, I’m doing great, thank you. Hope you’re well too?

Tell me more about you, family and educational background?

My name is Violet Ejiata, and much as it is hard to believe, Violet is my real name. I’m socially and fondly known as Vee. I’m the 6th child of 7 children born to two smotheringly loving parents on the 3rd of September, some twenty something years ago (Smiles) and well, I had an average childhood.
I’m Igbo, born, ‘bread and buttered’ in the North and currently schooling in the West so that explains why I’m trilingual. I’m basically “Wazobian” (laughs).
I’m 50 shades of Awesome, but you may never know because I’m equally 50 shades of enigmatic (winks).
 My educational background was quite adventurous. I had attended a private unisex school from Nursery 1 to JSS3 after which I proceeded to the parallel opposite; a public gendered school (Federal Government Girls’ College). My experience at the latter was entirely different in all ramifications. The two opposites had absolutely distinct things on their menu and I’m glad that I feasted on them all because they molded my adolescence. Permit me to brag (laughs).. I was a remarkable student and a credit to the schools I attended essentially because I was a prominent debater (so yes, the talking niche has been since time out of mind) *bats eyelids*

I hear you run a radio show on campus, tell me more about it?

I do run a show on Crown (101.5 FM) radio station called CAMPUS BEATZ. It is an awesome pop show for highlighting campus tales and campus lifestyle under our Campus Storybook segment and a central platform for the showcase and promotion of campus emerging artistes (who are obviously underappreciated and not acknowledged enough) under our Campus Beatz Top 10 Countdown. The ultimate objective is to deliver spicy entertainment to our listeners.

What’s the best moment you’ve had on radio?

My best moment on radio would be my first day in the studio. It validated my dreams. I just felt great and grateful.

 Your favourite guest so far?

He’s a campus artist named K Del. He’s a great and fun fella.

Which celeb would you like to have on you show?

I’d really love to have Toke Makinwa or Kemi Adetiba on the show because they are prominent and immensely inspiring personalities.  On a more jazz note, I’d like to host Reekado Banks. You can bank on my  reekaddiction because is ridiculous! Lol

What’s your biggest strength as an OAP?

I am an articulate speaker and I have the ability to catch the audience’ interest, maintain their jazz and leave them yearning for more sauce.

What’s your biggest challenge as an OAP?

Working fellow Virgos. Lol *kidding*. My biggest challenge as an OAP on a personal level is the fact that I’m a perfectionist and I work tirelessly towards the success of every new show because I believe that new listeners tune in every week. It is because of these that any hiccup kind of dares my balance. I am an articulate speaker and I have the ability to catch the audience’ interest, maintain their jazz and leave them yearning for more sauce.

How did you venture into this field?

I’ve ALWAYS had an itch for broadcasting. At a point in my life, the mirror and my phone recorder were my besties because they were my favorite audience. I derive pleasure in communication and I really can’t picture myself not talking and that has put me on this path.

What are your plans for the future?

To be an outstanding broadcaster and become a remarkable name in the media industry. The ultimate plan is to become an icon in my field and eventually, groom aspiring broadcasters.

What is your most prized possession?

My heirlooms (I have a couple from my mum).

One thing you cannot leave home without?

My phone? *laughs*

5 things that inspire you

My past experiences. Stories and life lessons of established personalities. My vision of the bigger picture.  Knowledge of God’s ceaseless love for me.

Describe your fashion style in one sentence

Well, I’m a fashion forward individual so I’m mostly stylish with a sprinkle of bizarre. *bats eyelids*

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, which can you not do without?

Definitely Instagram. The comic videos are spice to life.

A word to your fans

Never stop trying to be better. Trust yourself to be the deal and trust God to seal the deal. Watch out for the brand “Violet”. She is becoming.



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