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By Bankole Wright

To start with, it is important to know that a fruitless tree is no attraction at all, so count it a reality if your life becomes a topic on the mouth of pluckers and sightseers.

It was a reality that so many pluckers and sightseers mocked Eva and Caesar’s longtime engagement which she took to Instagram to address to make some seeming clarifications and made a show off of her indifference and “careless” disposition to the derogatory comments made.

She was bold and hilarious about it; making a light weight out of the issue, yet there was an imbedded truth concealed in her “all smiley face”. A truth soon to be unfolded.

After the air of time had blown and the snide comments had grown wings to fly, she took to the same Instagram yesterday Sunday 4th of June to reveal her break up with her boyfriend/ fiance which she claimed responsibility for;

Her message to the world was a reflection of a seeming truth, however, definitely not in totality but it was a veritable reflection of the writer. That is not really where I am heading.

Once upon a time, Eva and her estranged husband gave “US” couple goals, the focus is not on Eva, neither on Ceasear but specifically on the “US” who sadly happens to be pluckers and sightseers; these goals have gone a long way to create a caricatures hope for so many, not for the intending couples actually, but for so many individuals, a hope which borders on the superficial, the unknown, the unseen.

Goals are creative in nature, they form your thought pattern and definitely guide your way because as you consistently think so you live.

Now that the goal has become a thing of the past( no intention of mockery) what do pluckers and sightseers have to see? The broken pieces of another or a building blocks of each individual?
We have of course unions that “looks” emulating on the outside, allow me not to mention any, my question is can you imagine the furnace of fire on the inside?.

Nigerians have no mind of her own but fragments of other’s life coupled to create a future laudably imitated.

Nothing changes as a whole until it changes in bits, Nigeria’s sustainable change must begin at the individual level before it reaches a collective venture. And it is only by having a goal which stems from logic, faith and wisdom not a superficial visibility capable of self destruction.

I saw a picture someday which contained the statement Vice President Osinbajo made on the productivity of ABA MADE PRODUCTS.

All I saw in that statement was a reflection of a man, I reiterate, A MAN(individual) who sees. Everyone claims to see but few see indeed.
But how can we see, when we don’t read?



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