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I have an incorruptible passion for nation building – Seun Fakorede

Good day The Seun Fakorede, congratulations on the success of your recent event – Home Advantage Africa.
Thank you very much.

What was the experience like – from conceptualization of the idea, to building a team, getting partners and sponsors involved, guests, publicity, and making the event happen?

It was indeed an experience! An admixture of fun, excitement, disappointments, praise, drive, stress, highs and lows.

What was the most challenging part of the event planning?

The event was planned with an impeccable level of excellence, so every bit of the process was quite challenging. The most challenging part of it was to get our potential sponsors redeem their respective commitments.

How did you work that out?

We practically worked with what we had. Excellence is achievable at any level.

How did you get funds?

Home Advantage Conference is a Pan-African event, one that is a platinum standard for self-discovery and pragmatic youth development. The uniqueness of this platform made it quite easy to make individuals and corporate bodies buy into our vision and core objective which is “CONQUER YOUR LOCALITY, CONQUER THE WORLD”.

Tell me, what exactly is the vision behind Home Advantage Africa, what is the end game?

The vision of Home Advantage Africa is to create opportunities for Pan-African Millennials to network and dialog on how to be useful and do something good for their respective local communities so as to deliver the future and leave an incredible legacy for the generation next. The end game is to have Millennials conquer their locality and the world at large.

What plans do you have for the brand in the next few years?

We plan to host Home Advantage Conferences in different parts of the African continent. And then grow to the point where we give licenses to people to independently host Home Advantage Conferences in their respective local communities.

Let us talk about you, what is your story?

Hmm… I’m a man of ripe character and strong convictions. My story is multifaceted. Sincerely, I possibly can’t share it all via this medium. But I will say my story is likened to that of King David in the Bible who was marvelously helped by GOD. Every stage of my life has been a testimony back to back. Someday, I hope to get that luxury of time and space where I would be able to share it all.

What keeps you going against all odds?

The picture of the desirable future ahead of me and Africa keeps me unrepentantly dogged and resilient.

What is your Nigerian dream?

“I want to see Nigeria grow younger as I grow older.” This is the reason why I’m deeply commuted to Youth Development and Leadership that result in national socio-economic transformation. I have an incorruptible passion for Youth Empowerment, Good Governance and Nation Building.

How would you say social media has impacted your life?

Social Media has unequivocally helped extend my influence and expressions to a larger audience. I consider social media a powerful tool – I have been able to give meaning to it by maximizing it exceedingly.

What are you most passionate about?

By default I would have said GOD, but GOD cannot be categorized, HE is in a league of HIS own. So like I said earlier, I have an incorruptible passion for Youth Empowerment, Good Governance and Nation Building.

How do you unwind?

Seun: I hangout with friends, try new foods, travel and play hard.

Who is the most important person in your life?

My family is the most important to me.

5 things that inspire you

Only one thing truly inspires me, REVELATION, and that comes from the Holy Spirit.

What drives your fashion sense?


 One fashion item you cannot leave home without

A jewelry – my signet ring.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Seun: On top of the world, changing history. Recognised as one of the foremost Pan-Africans leading the millennial vanguard.

A word to your fans

To my friends out there, I say… keep fighting, keep conquering territories, keep delivering the future. Don’t give up just yet, you will soon scale up. Success is not a product of overnight, it’s a product of overtime.



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