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Social media has opened doors for me – Ogbeni Adan

Social media celebrity, comedian and actor, Ogbeni Adan in a recent interview with Punch talked about how social media has been a blessing to him.

When asked how is presence on social media has opened doors for him, Adan said:

“My presence on social media has opened doors for me through the grace of God. I’ve gotten connections with major people in the industry and they have decided to use me for their upcoming big projects. There is even a particular big project that is coming up and I will be part of the major characters but I won’t mention it now. I have also been receiving invites to anchor weddings and events.”

On how he copes with naughty advances from female fans, the comic star had this to say:

“I almost fell for some ladies because I played along at few occasions so they won’t think I’m proud but then I always come back to my senses by telling myself, “this is not why I am here”.

Read the full interview here.




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