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By Bankole Wright

The first multi-national joint task force commander in the North East and delegate to the National Conference in 2014, General Jonathan Temlong has said Igbos will still fight amongst each other even after attaining Biafra.

In an interview with Tribune, Temlong asked Nigerians to tackle the problem.and stop making noise about secession.

He said, “We need people that would better our lots in government. So let us tackle fundamental issues and stop making noise. We are the ones marginalising ourselves. If you ask the people for the assessment of those they elected, they would tell you that what the government is doing is quite different from what they want. So we should face the reality on ground instead of chasing shadow. In Nigeria today, your participation in government ends from the day you vote. Let us tackle fundamental issues and stop making all these noises. Even if they get the Biafra today, they will continue to fight themselves, and the Anambra and Ebonyi will fight the Abians and Imos, and tell them one is core Igbo and the other one is not core Igbo.”

Temlong also said IPOB leader and his supporters did not witness the civil war and were not told about it.

He said, “Nnandi Kanu and his cohorts did not see the civil war and I don’t think anybody told them about it. They believe that they can sit within the confines of their mansions, with radios transmitting somewhere, and begin to insult everybody, and also believe that that is the way to make a country. If they have grievances, there are ways of putting their grievances across; they don’t have to be combative to the extent of poising for war and also annexing areas like Delta, Rivers, even the entire South-South, including part of Benue State. I wonder what delusion they are in.And people had warned them to stop including South-South as part of the agitation for Biafra.”



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