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Be Your Best With The Strategist: BUILD RELATIONSHIPS

Hi, I am Victor Onyekere, The Strategist and I’m your Weekly Host today on OyaMagazine Nigeria.

Thank you for making it here today. I strongly believe that the words you will read in few minutes have the ability to transform your life increasing your productivity ONLY if you’re going to ACT on them.

Your life is the summary of your top 5 friends. The way life was designed by God is that no human person on the face of the earth should walk alone. We were never designed to operate as a STAND-ALONE entity.

Your life’s success is closely attached to the quality of people around you. This in turn is a true reflection of your ability to connect with people and build great relationships.

Whatever it is you are set out to do, you will always need somebody. Going as an individual stand-alone person may help you walk fast but you may never walk far. So you will always need a partner.

Begin to seek ways to connect with people. Use every platform you can to connect deeply with people and build invaluable relationship.

One of the things you shouldn’t be caught doing is making an assessment of individual on a one-time meeting.

Learn to place value on people. Don’t speak anyhow to people. Don’t pass quick judgements on people.

However, as you start out building relationships, it is important to note that you don’t need everyone. People act as channels or roadblocks to where you’re headed in life. People either come into your life to pull you up in a season or to pull you down. So essentially, you’ve got to spot the difference. Filter the kind of people that need to be in your life.

Review your SELECTION PROCESS. You must as a matter of supreme importance and urgency determine the kind of people that qualifies to be in your life.

Your life is a BUSINESS ENTITY in which you’re the Executive Director. You will need a BOARD OF DIRECTORS to drive and propel you forward. You’ve got to look for them and strategically build relationships with them. It’s very KEY to note that not everyone you come across qualifies to sit as a Member of the Board in your life.

Key Elements to determine who you should build relationship with.

  • Who is this person?
  • What is his/her Core beliefs and Values?
  • How do they align to my personal beliefs and values?
  • What exactly is he/she coming to do in my life?
  • What position will he/she occupy?
  • Will this relationship be beneficial to both of us?

I call this the “RR CHECK” (The Relationship Reality Check).

Your life is very unique and extraordinary. Do a proper assessment of the people in your life right now and see where you need to make adjustments. Map out those you will need to disconnect with regardless of what you want or feel about them. Create a list of people you will need to connect and plug into. Understand how your life is wired and who is qualified to come into your space.

  • No other individual has the kind of your life. Guard it with all diligence. Interact and exchange ideas with excellent minds. Never isolate yourself because it places you in a position of Self Destruction. Isolation kills. As you step out today and every other day of your life, look for meaningful ways to build valuable relationships with people. Create an environment to harbour the right people around you. You are who you attract. You will eventually attract a kind of you.

I have taken out time to discuss these six (6) elements in my short E-book ‘’THE AUDITING CHECKLIST’’ which is going to be launched by the end of June, 2017. Be on the look out for it.

You’re very unique and you are in charge of the events of your life, the driver of your actions, the leader of your future. PUSH in and Be Your Best.

Feel free to write to me anytime on [email protected]




Victor ONYEKERE is a Life Productivity Coach and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner who is very passionate about helping individuals take strategic actions to increase their productivity and life value.

He ultimately believes that everyone in life was designed to succeed by finding their own space and doing what they were designed to do in life.

He assists passionate individuals by helping them plug into their natural resource to unleash their potentials. He is charged to GROW individuals, TRANSFORM organizations and REBUILD nations.



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