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My voice is my most prized possession – fast rising OAP Chika

 Tell me more about you, family and educational background?

Hmmm,  where I do start from? Well I’m a girl(chuckles), don’t pay attention to that. My name is Nwaiwu Chika Hope, I’m also known as dat igbo gal. I have so many sides to me but I like to believe that I’m simple, reserved yet opinionated. I’m the 7th child of 7 children so I’m a baby practically. I was born on the 24th of April about 2 decades ago. I’m from Abia state, I grew up in Lagos. I attended Babyland Nur/Pry school then I went on to Gloryville College but I obtained my WAEC certificate from Lekki Peninsula College.

I hear you run a radio show on campus, tell me more about it?

Yes, I run a radio show on CROWN 101.5fm called CAMPUS BEATZ and it is generally for campus entertainment, the show makes gist and information from all campuses in Nigeria readily and easily accessible to our listeners,. We engage in society conscious discussions,. We also have our top 10 countdown for emerging artists which is a platform for campus upcoming artists , as we feel that they are sometimes over-talented and underappreciated.

What’s the best moment you’ve had on radio?

My best moment radio would be the first time I hosted CAMPUS BEATZ, I felt a sense of arrival,  that something I’ve wanted my whole life was right there before me.

Your favourite guest so far?

My favourite guest so far is Ego, an artist from Oduduwa University. He was very easy to converse with and ironically, he is very humble.

Which celeb would you like to have on you show?

I have too many crossing my mind right now, but I go with my celebrity crush Maleek Berry, he is very talented and seems like a very fun person to be in the studio with. I’d also like to have Toke Makinwa in the studio, she’s one person I’ve always looked up to in the industry and I admire her versatility.

What’s your biggest strength as an OAP?

I am an eloquent individual with a good dose of spontaneity and I flow well with the vibe required of the career.

What’s your biggest challenge as an OAP?

My biggest challenge as an OAP is cutting across all social groups and making my message appeal to all age groups. But I’m learning how to channel my focus on society-conscious topics.

How did you venture into this field?

I’ve loved broadcasting since I was a young girl, when I was about five years old, my career choice was journalism and I never gave up on it.  That drive has gotten me this far.

What are your plans for the future?

To build the brand name, Chika,  to be one of the best broadcasters not only statewide i.e Osun state but nationwide.   Also, I’d like for there to be a big market for people in my field here in Ife by helping to groom others.

What is your most prized possession?

My voice. I can’t imagine not been able to talk, or sing and do what I do

One thing you cannot leave home without?

My phone, I guess?  Plus would it be too cliché to say my house keys?

 5 things that inspire you

The God factor undoubtedly, my family , where I’m coming from, where I’m going to,  and people that have gone ahead of me in my field

 Describe your fashion style in one sentence

My fashion style is a borderline classy and daring

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, which can you not do without?

No competition here,  Instagram takes the crown. I am a semi-addict of Instagram.

A word to your fans

Never stop striving to be the best version of yourself, you will be told NO too many times but don’t stop, consistency is one of the bases of success ,also watch out for the brand, Chika, I have more stuffs storming your way.



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