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Obaseki, Okowa others to storm Asaba for Radio launch

The governors of both Edo and Delta States, Mr. Godwin Obaseki and Dr. Senator Ifanyi Arthur Okowa respectively, will tomorrow, launch Bridge FM, a new private radio station operating at the frequency, 98.7FM, it was learnt on Monday.

The radio station located in Asaba, would commence transmission on Wednesday, 21st June this year, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MessageWise Ltd, Dr. Henry Nzekwu, disclosed

He said it was established with the aim of using strategic music and programmes to unify the diverse segments of Nigeria’s socio-cultural clime, adding that the establishment of Bridge FM in the heart of Asaba, Delta State’s Capital has marked a new dawn to broadcasting in Nigeria, as the station would operate guided by professional ethics, not inordinate desire to disseminate controversial or disunifying material.

The media executive explained that the place of radio stations could not be underestimated within the communication firmament because radio broadcasting was a digitalisation process that had created more channels for people to source for information.

“Bridge FM has the ability to use technology to drive into certain markets or audiences, which would have been difficult to reach. We are resonate in several markets,” he said.

On the targeted audience for the radio station, Nzekwu revealed that there would be diffusion and variation, as the focus would be to reach out to audience of all ages, explaining that regardless of people’s desires, whether to relax, seek information, or simply enjoy quality entertainment they would find apposite content.

Concerning the lingua of communication of Bridge FM, he disclosed that 75% of the station’s programmes would be in English while the remaining 25% would be in pidgin, Igbo and other languages, as the need arose.

“It was a challenge on focusing on the language to be used for programming,” he said, adding, “I will run the station in English language; it will be safe to say 75% of our programming will be run in English, pidgin and Igbo languages due to the location. The hook to everything is music and we have invested a lot on music as we have over fifty thousand songs in our library. The feedback from our test transmission shows that people appreciated our style of music and we want to stick to that”.



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