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Be Your Best With The Strategist: RESTART- ‘’GET BACK YOUR LIFE’’

Hi, I am Victor Onyekere, The Strategist and I’m your Weekly Host today on Oya Magazine Nigeria.

Thank you for making it here today. I strongly believe that the words you will read in few minutes have the ability to transform your life increasing your productivity ONLY if you’re going to ACT on them.

I want you to take a few moment to reflect on these questions;

Have you ever been knocked down by life?
Have you ever been broken, battered and shattered?
Have you ever failed to the extent that you conclude that you’re a FAILURE?
Have you ever thought things will never get better for you?
Have you ever thought that you will never be able to catch up on success?
Have you given up on life totally?
Do you want to end your life right now?

Before you go right ahead, pause for a moment and listen to what I’ve got to say to you.

You can RESTART YOUR LIFE. Often times we expect too much from life and get the reverse.

We start out with high and positive enthusiasm pursuing and chasing our dreams, visions and aspirations with the high hopes that we will succeed expressly.

You see there’s absolutely no wrong in having a high positive spirit towards life but we must also understand that life is not all bed of roses.

A times we put in so much effort into our work and get very little or no results at all. Is that supposed to make you sad, Yes! But remaining sad is entirely up to you.

In life, there are what I call Unplanned Events, Impromptu Events, Unforeseen Events.

However, these events on their own cannot determine your outcome in life. It is your response to these events that will determine your outcome.

Whatever that had happened to you is the PAST, you still have the awesome opportunity of recreating your FUTURE by utilizing and investing into your most important platform of critical exchange, that is your TODAY.

Decide not give up,
Decide not to give in,
Decide not to faint
Decide not to quit.

The Best of your Life is in the Rest of your Life! Recreate, Restart and Get Back Your Life. You were made for success.

If you are presently at a point where you tired of life, frustrated, depressed and on the verge of giving up or committing suicide, please call any of these Helplines: 07037609790, 08073168670

You’re very unique and you are in charge of the events of your life, the driver of your actions, the leader of your future. PUSH in and Be Your Best.

Feel free to write to me anytime on [email protected]






Victor ONYEKERE is a Life Productivity Coach and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner who is very passionate about helping individuals take strategic actions to increase their productivity and life value.

He ultimately believes that everyone in life was designed to succeed by finding their own space and doing what they were designed to do in life.

He assists passionate individuals by helping them plug into their natural resource to unleash their potentials.

He is charged to GROW individuals, TRANSFORM organizations and REBUILD nations.




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