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By Bankole Wright

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has said the refusal of security agencies to arrest northern youths who issued quit notice to Igbos was a case of double standard.

In a statement signed by its President, Eric Omare, on Monday said the quit notice poses great security threat to the country.

“The Arewa youths quit notice to Igbos living in the north to vacate the north by October 1, 2017 amounts to grave threat to national security and the indivisibility of the country.

“However, the relevant security agencies have deliberately kept a deaf ear to the security threat posed by the Arewa youths treasonable quit notice”, Omare said.

He said if youths in other parts of the country, especially Niger Delta, some communities would have been under siege.

“We totally and in strongest words condemn this double standard by the Nigeria security agencies. It is totally unacceptable for security agencies to apply double standard in response to security threat in different parts of the country.

“The standard applied to youth groups and agitators in the south should also be applied to same class of people from the north”, he added.

Omare argued that the inaction of security agencies was an indication that some powerful persons in the north and the Federal Government were behind the Arewa youths.

He said: “This fact has already been confirmed by Arewa Youth leader, Yerima Shettima who said that their leaders are behind them.

“The IYC is confident that if Yerima Shettima and his co-travellers were to be Niger Deltans, they would have been behind bars now.

“It is on record that Niger Delta activists such as Daniel Ezekiel, Jones Abiri and others are still in detention without trial for mere allegations of threat to national security.

“The IYC therefore calls on the security agencies to rise above politics and stop the double standard in the performance of their duties.

“The Arewa youth leaders who issued the treasonable quit notice to Igbos in the north should be made to account for their actions to avoid unnecessary loss of lives and properties as a result of their quit notice”.



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