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Rob Kardashian blasts Black Chyna, calling her a hoe

By Bankole Wright

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna who spent Father’s day together and even kept staying together days after, giving the impression that they were back together has revealed the real truth as to what is going on.

On recent chat between Rob Kardashian and a woman called Bonita revealed that all is not well between the two of them.
It all started when Bonita (@bonita4real) exposed her baby daddy for exchanging text messages with Chyna.
Rob saw Bonita’s post and contacted her via Instagram. He told her to call him and when she did, they began texting back and forth.
In the text, shared by Fameolous, Rob exposed a lot. He referred to his baby mama as a hoe, several times.
“She’s for everyone,” he wrote in one of the texts.
He also  told of how he’s paying all her bills and that she can’t afford to give her mother money. Rob went on to claim that the luxurious lifestyle she flaunts is funded by him, including her cars.
Rob also dropped another bombshell, saying that Chyna used him for publicity last week when they were spotted with their daughter at Disneyland. He said he never wanted to go but she begged him to do it. He ended by saying he’s done with her.

The couple have been breaking up and getting back together, so it’s difficult to conclude from this if they are really done for good.
Read text messages below:



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