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Finance: For $33,000 a person, this luxury travel agency will take you to an undisclosed location to 'get lost'


Get Lost will take you completely off the grid. You won't know where you're going until you get there.

Usually, when you have an upcoming trip, you and your travel companions have it more or less mapped out. Day activities are planned long in advance, reservations are made, and dinner spots are booked.

However, the London-based luxury travel agency Black Tomato wants to turn the idea of planning a trip on its head with a new program offering called Get Lost.

Get Lost, which consults with you on how you want to feel during your trip — rather than where you want to go — can take you off the grid and into the unknown. With packages starting at $33,000 per person, it's uncertain where you might find yourself, but it's sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Below, find out how the program works, and where you could potentially end up.

Clients interested in the program get matched with a Get Lost Travel Expert.

During the consultation, travelers reveal what their goals are for their trip — and why exactly they want to disconnect from their everyday world.

How the traveler wants to feel while on their Get Lost journey is also taken into account.

Ultimately, the traveler's only concrete input would be the kind of terrain they'd like to explore: polar, desert, jungle, coastal, or mountain. If they'd like, the client can let the travel expert decide.

Using this information, Black Tomato promises to craft a one-of-a-kind adventure to a remote location, which remains a secret.

If needed, Black Tomato will provide personalized training sessions and teach survival skills to prepare the client for the wilderness.

On the first day of the trip, destinations are finally revealed to clients, who are dropped off at their initial destination via a commercial flight. However, their trip itinerary might include a location change — if that happens, Black Tomato will provide a private jet or helicopter.

Once they've landed, travelers are briefed about their activities and provided with a satellite phone and offline map. They are also outfitted with equipment for tracking so that the Black Tomato team can make sure travelers are safe from a distance.

However, the team doesn't interfere with the journey unless necessary.

Trial trips for the program have already been taken in Mongolia, Svalbard, and Guyana.

Source: pulse.ng



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