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Is It Right For A Married Woman To Be A Close Friend With A Single Guy?

There is this very young and beautiful married woman. She told me she is 28 years. She’s been pregnant once. I assisted her brother get a small job lately. Before then, anytime i see her on the road, we greet. If she wanted to buy something, I’ll pay with a clean heart and walk away. Ever since then, she’s shown me her appreciation in words. Somehow we started talking on whatsapp lately. She gave me her number.

But now, she’s telling me that she prefers keeping guys as friends. In fact she has offered to come and cook for me today but I told her I am not around. I was very open to her that her being so close might tempt me to touch her that it’s better she stays far from me or we talk whenever we see on the road. I told her this to scare her away from coming close but it’s not working.

She says that me telling her that will not make her be free but she still insists that she’d come to my house. She said she’d like to be free with me, jumping on my bed and playing around but she just likes me as a friend.

Is it wrong to be a close friend with a married woman?
Please guys what do you think?

Source: nairaland.com
Link: Is It Right For A Married Woman To Be A Close Friend With A Single Guy?



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