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Pulse List: 5 weird miracles that will blow your mind!

Pastors know exactly what to do to attract followers

These miracles are so absurd that you won’t believe that they were actually performed in Churches.

It's 2017 and miracles are no longer what they used to be.

Now, they are over the top, weird and sometimes so unbelievable that we had to make a list for you.


Here are five miracles that will blow your mind!

Money miracle.

In September 2017, a video of a pastor performing a money miracle went viral. In the video, the South African-based Nigerian prophet named Andrew, founder of Christ Freedom Ministries, asks, “do you believe in miracle money?” Then, he goes on to perform his miracle. The result is the whole church dancing for joy. The prophet is also known as Seer 1.


Weightloss miracle.

Who knew there was a spirit that could help you lose weight? Apparently, such a spirit exists because this was the exact divine force that Delta State-based man of God, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin called on to help a certain woman burn her fat. The General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry performed this miracle at a deliverance programme tagged ‘Lose Weight Spiritually’.


Erection miracle.

Recently, a video of the same Warri project surfaced on the Internet. The video showed the Prophet commanding an evil spirit to get out of the man. What that has to do with his erection, we do not know. Honestly, the whole thing is confusing but there was an erection and a miracle, add them together and you get an erection miracle!


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Marriage miracle.

The same prophet Fufeyin bewildered us once more when he called out single members in his church and asked them to select their partners among themselves. He also promised to wed them there and then. Miracles like this have earned him this nickname — ‘Warri TB Joshua.’ Kudos to him for getting three out of these miracles.


Resurrection miracle.

You think you have seen it all until you hear about a Nigerian pastor bringing the dead back to life. This pastor is none other than Seer 1. (Yes, you guessed right. It is the guy from the first miracle.) This time, this was no visual of the miracle, just a testimony from the prophet himself.


According to him, he brought a dead young man back to life after his parents brought to the church. He said he did it by laying him on the floor, praying over his body and then breathing life into him. This was the thing that promptly resurrected. Who are we to doubt a prophet?

Can these pastors just leave Christianity for us and form a new religion for themselves?

Source: pulse.ng
Link: Pulse List: 5 weird miracles that will blow your mind!



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