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How I left hawking for acting – Abiola Adebayo

The name; Biola Adebayo, is not strange in the Nigerian movie industry, as she came to limelight some years ago after a popular Yoruba movie, ‘’Eyin Oka’’.
Undeniably, since then, she has been dazzling her fans with several appearances in various movies. Having been in the industry for over a decade, she has, also, evolved so much into producing her own movies, hosting her TV show on the national television, and many more. The Outstanding Young Achievers (OYAMAG), caught up with the ever smiling actress at the University of Lagos recently. She spoke to Otekunrin Oluwatomi in an exclusive interview.
Come along as we journey into her world.

OYA: Let’s meet you?
BIOLA: My name is Abiola Adebayo. I can be very vocal and very gentle. I am a very calm person, I am a Christian, an introvert to the core, and my personality is very different.

OYA: Was acting intentional for you?
BIOLA: Yes. As a kid, I loved to be on the screen. I loved to be a newscaster, but not a lawyer, because I know that I can’t speak for long. I have been acting for about 15 years now.

OYA: Tell us about your background?
BIOLA: My background is very tough; I grew up in Idio-oro, in Mushin precisely. I grew up in an environment where you had to fend for yourself. Growing up, I started hawking Eko, bread, coconut, kerosene, fruits, and even rice. I sold anything sellable. I came back from school to hawk, and even hawked in the morning. Against all odds, my background really shaped me. The last thing I hawked was bread around Fadeyi.

OYA: What was your parent’s take when you started acting?
BIOLA: I lost my dad the year I started acting. Don’t forget that I had started selling stuff and I didn’t grow up with my Mum, as I was with my grandmother. Grandma would always say to me, “so you will leave this your small business of yours to act?” I even remember I was called ‘Miss Biggs’, because I owned a small restaurant then. At times, I would collect money from my grandma for transportation. Although, she didn’t like it, but it wasn’t like she was hell bent on saying no. I remember I lived around the same street with Aunty Ayo Ewebiyi, Opebe. Aunty Ayo said one time that I didn’t look like someone that could act, but one thing lead to another and here I am still standing. Glory to God.

OYA: What has been the most challenging role you’ve played in the 15 years of your career?
BIOLA: My sister, every role is challenging, because you are telling people what you are not. I put my best into every role.

OYA: How have you been handling stardom and keeping your private life as well?
BIOLA: I’m a very private person naturally. I’m not the kind of lady that makes friends easily. The few things I can’t do anymore is going to the market and entering a public commercial bus, but I still walk on the street. I’m myself.

OYA: What is the secret of your very young look for years now?

BIOLA: I just think it’s grace. God has been faithful to me and I know. I exercise a lot, I watch what I eat, I don’t give myself unnecessary stress, and I take water a lot.

OYA: You act and now, a producer. Which one do you prefer?
BIOLA: I love acting o, but producing too is cool. Regardless of the fact that you are spending money, you will still get your money back. Though, if I am to choose, I love acting.

OYA: What is that fashion accessory, you can’t do without?
BIOLA: (Thinks for a while) Oh! I love sturd a lot. That’s the only fashion accessory I can’t do without. I’m not a makeup person, though. Also, I love clean and well ironed clothes.

OYA: Tell us about your exceptional love for GOD, which is not too obvious among your colleagues?
BIOLA: I am a Christian, not because I am better than others or that I am perfect. Jesus is a part of my life and I won’t trade HIM for anything. Going to church is part of my life as well, as I don’t like living far from the church. If you like, call me a fool, but I don’t mind. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. If I am not in school, then I am on set, and if I am not on set, I am in church. I make mistakes, but I prefer to make it as a Christian, than for me to live a liberal life of sitting on the fence. If I make mistakes, he will forgive me and I will get back on my feet. I am a kingdom daughter.
OYA: What is the new project you are working on at the moment?
BIOLA: I have two movies coming soon. One is coming out soonest, and one a new movie; ‘one hour’ by the end of the year. Asides that, I have a number of movies I have done for people.
OYA: You are currently doing your master’s degree in UNILAG, but not in theatre art. Tell us about it?
BIOLA: I just want to do something else. I will still do a diploma in theatre for sure, or my second master’s degree.
OYA: How have you been coping with going to school, busy church commitment, being on set and doing other things?
BIOLA: My sister, it has been God. I’m not the best, but I must say that I know how to manage time and I prioritize a lot.
OYA: How to you unwind?
BIOLA: For unwinding, a lot of things don’t move me. I unwind in HIS presence. If I’m tired, I go to church… the bible says that the joy of the Lord is my strength. Other times, I sleep and put my phone away.
OYA: Tell us about your hobbies
BIOLA: I watch my movies; I enjoy staying with family, though, not for long. I love cooking, though, I don’t eat too much, and I love listening to music.
OYA: What are your words to people looking up to you?
BIOLA: It is a privilege and I appreciate you. I just want to tell you to be patient. I have noticed everyone who wants to be Genevieve in a day. It doesn’t work that way. Be patient and with perseverance you will get to your place of destiny.
OYA: Your words to your fans?
BIOLA: I love you all. Thanks for your support and your prayers as well. Keep supporting your girl.



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