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“….You let us down! Shame on you!” Rihanna condemns Snapchat for creating an ad which makes light of domestic violence

By Opeoluwa Olojede


It seems Snapchat just keeps going downhill with whatever update is being done on the app these days.

Right after Kylie Jenner tweeted that she barely uses the app weeks ago, it was very evident that more than a  million people stopped using Snapchat at that moment, and even now, it seems as though the app would be suffering from a much greater backlash than the latter.

Yesterday, Rihanna came out to denounce the app, after creating an offensive ad concerning her to its users.

This ad was for a smartphone game called Would You Rather that appeared inside Snapchat over the weekend asking users if they would rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown.

Many people were able to reference this to the time where Chris Brown and Rihanna were dating back in 2009, and he physically assaulted her brutally which landed her in the hospital.

Many on social media, both its users and non users have called out Snapchat for making an advertisement out of a terrible incident.

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