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Brymo, Releases a New Music Video Unclothed..

Brymo drops his sixth studio album, ‘Oso’ along with new music video, titled “Heya”.

The song; “Heya”, successfully accomplishes what any good lead single should: it tells us what we should expect from the full body of work. The beautifully haunting track is filled with Brymo’s musings about life, love and the passage of time.

However, the music video is where the bone of contention lies. The music video was shot under a bridge, where Brymo was putting on an underwear which very much looked like a G-String.

A lot of people, have tweeted about it, calling Brymo crazy and that he went too far in demonstrating creativity. However, a few others saluted his bravery and creativity, stating that he’s one of the very few artistes who still creates original music.

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