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M.I Abaga Opens Up on His Journey at the Self Discovery Project


The maiden edition of the self-discovery project themed “owning your space” was convened in Abuja on July 13th, 2018 with attendance from a crop of Nigerian creative and intellectual youths seeking primarily to navigate the maze of life.

Specially tagged #TheTalkShowConference , it was a concept like no other as the focus was beyond the host delivering a motivating sermon but more encompassing, achieving actual conversation with those in attendance. It quickly transcended from a formal gathering of strangers to a concerned community of people inspiring each other with their questions and sometimes quirky answers.

The show was opened by Priscilla Tete one of the Abuja’s finest OAP’s who got the crowd pumped for the arrival of the host/convener Deji Onadeko.

He opened the conversation by explaining the inspiration for the conference, telling comical stories of his past laced with lessons on how he conquered his insecurities and self-doubt to make something out of what most would have termed “a lost childhood with no future prospects”. He, however, did something different with his story, highlighting how coming a long way from that seeming ‘’state of confusion’, had not signaled his arrival at his “self-discovery”. In his words “self-discovery is a journey and not a destination”. Owning up to his flaws and inevitable confusion made his story more relatable and made it easier for others to open up about their life journeys thereby creating room for a genuine conversation.

It was at the height of this conversation that the guest Jude ‘MI’ Abaga walked in, taking the conversation to even greater horizons.

His story on how he achieved success gave validation to the conversation preceding his arrival as he admitted to feeling confused at some point, anxious about the next move. He was proof that despite not having it together at all times, persistence and hard work would eventually see you through. He answered questions humbly and intellectually admitting where need be that his answers were drawn from his life experiences and may not hold sway when implemented by others. He tasked the attendees to be held on to their humanity even in their pursuit of money. Bringing it all to its head with the poem “if’ by Rudyard Kipling.

The poem was read and explained stanza by stanza by the MI.

After which the show was officially closed with a photo session and a showcase of various innovative ideas by some exhibitors at the event.

The concept would be uploaded for viewing as a talk show in just a bit but here are a few of its moments while we wait.




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